Our vision of entrepreneurship

We provide a professional implementation of our brand model

Our customer is the franchisee, together with his or her team of employees. We expect them to transfer the values of our brands to the end customer and to display high levels of professionalism, when implementing the Belisol or KwadrO model.

The franchisee is an independent entrepreneur who takes charge of his company and its employees. He or she independently manages the team, motivates them, and ensures that they perform at the desired level. The franchisee is customer-oriented and strives to serve every customer satisfactorily.

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Our cooperation is based on respect and partnership

The franchisee environment is a group of people, who, as colleagues, all share the same challenges and successes. Exchanging experiences and working together to strengthen the brand is an essential part of the business – and this naturally contributes to the success of their own company. Active participation in meetings and working groups is required. In addition, the franchisee is expected to participate enthusiastically in the initiatives and changes in direction adopted by group a.

The franchisee receives guidelines and advice from group a, based on more than 40 years of experience and a comparative benchmark between different franchisees. Group a assists the customer in all areas in order to achieve the financial plan objectives. The cooperation between group a and the customer is based on mutual respect and partnership.

We're guiding customers to the best solution with an experienced sales and technical team in an inspiring showroom.

Belisol and KwadrO’s target group consists of private homeowners between 25 and 75 years of age. We offer a suitable solution for every customer, according to their wishes and budget. The franchisee serves the end customer in its showrooms, which number almost a hundred throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and France. These showrooms offer an overview of the whole range so that customers can make their choices, guided by experienced salespersons. Our sales team provide superior product insight and advise our customers with knowledge of technical information, aesthetic design, maintenance related information, etc.

A quote is delivered to the client and explained to the last detail. The Belisol or KwadrO point of sales provides a clear overview of the process from signing the sales agreement until installation in order to create realistic expectations.
After the sales contract is signed, a detailed on-site measurement by a qualified Belisol or KwadrO technision is guaranteed. After the measurement, the products go into production. Lastly, a professional team installs the ordered products to completion.

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