Key partners, activities and resources

We're constantly on the lookout for the best products

At group a, we provide support to our reseller network by developing and selecting the product range and maintaining relationships with our producers and suppliers.

Group a's main partners are the suppliers or manufacturers of windows and doors. The company has high expectations of its suppliers' services: not only the quality of their products, but also their standards when it comes to transport, delivery fulfilment, aftersales service, purchase conditions etc.

Suppliers of by-products are also key partners in the development of a strong product range. Close cooperation ensures that the network receives the necessary support. The by-products can be perfectly attuned to the main products and we are always aware of evolutions and innovations at all levels.

Our team of product managers, who monitor the market and are constantly on the look-out for the best solutions, are responsible for developing our broad range of high-quality products. In addition to selecting and launching new products and / or choosing suppliers, the development of technical documentation and catalogues for the end-customer is an important area of group a’s work. We provide technical support and an educational program for our franchisees’ employees.

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We're building strong brands and creating qualitative leads

A key priority for group a is the awareness and image of its 2 brands. The high scores in "top of mind" and overall brand awareness within our sector can be attributed to our strong presence in the media and in day-to-day presence over many years. Our marketing partners challenge us to remain alert and support group a with their vision and ideas to maintain our distinctiveness on the market.

We have a dynamic and committed marketing team that is constantly working to position the brands in a competitive market. In addition to safeguarding the image and keeping the brands in the spotlight, lead generation represents an important aspect of our marketing efforts: we create sales opportunities for our network, via our website, trade fairs and online or offline campaigns. In addition, we offer support for regional marketing initiatives.

We work in close cooperation with our franchisees

Finally, our franchisees are also genuine partners. An intense relationship develops between a family franchisor and a local entrepreneur who invests everything they can to expand their business in close cooperation with the group and according to the proven methodology. Group a attaches great importance to the welfare of the franchisee. "Live and let live" has always been our motto: if the customer can develop a successful business under the Belisol or KwadrO flag, this will always benefit group a. Our company will therefore always do its utmost to support the franchisees and tries to facilitate day-to-day work by drawing up procedures, managing agreements with suppliers and providing guidance in the field. Extremely close bonds exist among the managers, one of the network’s most important strengths.

The reputation and image of our brands are our business’s most important assets. Our many years of investment in them ensure that we are fortunate enough to work with franchisees who rely solely on group a. Our reputation is also a blessing when it comes to recruiting new talent – our franchisees' employees are top performers. Hard work, coupled with a genuine passion for the product, on the one hand, and for the home and wishes of the end customer on the other, ensures that they service the customer as if it were their own home. Talent is difficult to attract but we have an abundance of it within our network – and at a senior level: many employees have been active within the network for more than 20 years. Their knowledge and know-how are invaluable to group a.

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We strive to be best in class in digitalisation

Today, our IT partners are assuming an important role in our development. Digitising our data and, in particular, our working method, is a crucial challenge for group a, and therefore also for the industry. Group a wishes to take the lead in this exercise and is convinced that digitisation will ensure a more profitable business, and, above all, strengthen the franchise formula significantly.

We are currently strongly investing in software that let’s us collect all relevant data from our many applications and software tools to one central hub in order to centralise the client database and dossier follow-up, so that we can serve our clients even better.