Value proposition and ambition

Broad range of top-quality products

We offer our customers an extremely broad range of top-quality products. Windows and doors need to stand the test of time, whatever the weather. They will be used intensively for decades and, in addition to being functional, they must provide a high level of insulation for the home and a safe environment for residents.

Group a has an extensive range of products in 3 materials: PVC, aluminium, and wood. Every material has its own character and appearance. Within each material there is a wide choice of type, design, and colour palette.

The products meet high quality requirements and are subject to systematic quality assurance checks.

In addition to items that are freely available on the market, group a also offers exclusive products that have been developed by a team of designers and product experts, in close collaboration with suppliers or experts in the field. These exclusive trade goods naturally offer a genuine advantage to the sales team.